Day 1-The Very Beginning…

I started baking cookies as soon as we immigrate here in the coldest region of Canada.. Well, not actually the coldest part but we only get 11 months of cold weather and 1 month of hot and dry weather. (according to my dad) Before though, my mom buys this pillsbury (sp?) puffs with honey/syrup topping and i would bake it on the toaster oven. Sorry, Nay, those things sucks. The syrup will burn your tongue cause its too sweet. Alot sweeter than that orange drink they give you when you’re preggy to test if you have diabetes.

Then, I discovered a website called where i found cheesecakes. And of course, these cheesecakes are either bake or no bake. I remembered my mom telling me “ah, hindi binebake ang cheesecake. Saan mo nakuha to?” (Translation: You don’t bake cheesecake. Where did you get this?) So instead of baking cheesecake, i had to improvise on the baking part. It wasn’t baked so it tasted whatever. Best cheesecakes are baked.

My favorite baking show was Sugar by Anna Olson. Oh, I loved Anna and her crazy recipes. I started baking cookies for friends. Chocolate chip cookies. Recipe courtesy of Christine Cushing. She’s my other fave chef. Classmates/friends love it. And especially my brothers. I made brownies before that my uncle thought it was from a brownie mix. It was from my mom’s magazine. I don’t know where it is now but those brownies were good. My brother loves the cookies and cream. My mom wants something with nuts.

I baked alot of stuff. I can’t even remember anything else i made with my own hands. Baking.. believe it or not.. uhmm… it gives me orgas–

Yes, baking makes me hyper. I don’t know if this is crazy or not, but everytime I am sad, i make the best cookies ever. When I am happy, i burn them.

I made rice cake (puto) before way back in 2008. Since my psycho ex boyfriend kept texting me, i forgot to add sugar. So it was tasteless. I blamed it on him and i broke up with him on Christmas Eve. Crazy eh?

So that’s Day 1. Well its more like 7 years. But its Day 1 for me. That’s when i started baking crap. Haha. I’ll post pictures next time.

And I’ll post the Ferrero Rocher cupcakes later after work and dishes. See you later!



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