The Adventure Begins…

Hello there!

How are you? I am tired. Well, I made this blog because I want to share my adventures/experiences when it comes to baking. I take pictures of what i bake and post it on facebook but nobody cares. They would rather like it or i get criticisms which i really don’t like. I liked baking ever since I started reading. When I was 7, I always flip the pages of my mom’s baking/icing book. How to make doll cake, basket cake or any type of cake, and i daydream about it.

I always wanted to become a pastry chef and own a bakery one day. But, coming from a traditional family that didn’t happen. I had to take either a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate. So, I wasted my money for a Medical Administrative Assistant, finished in 2009, didn’t get any job so here I am posting a blog about baking. If only they listened, i could’ve had my own bakery by now and making cakes for a living and actually enjoying it.

Now, I am taking Wilton’s classes and I LOVED it. I get to meet other people who likes to bake as well and actually have an adult conversation. I struggle making a carnation and a rose cause my bases kept breaking. So fragile. I really didn’t like calla lily but now I love it cause its so easy to make. Yes, I take the Gumpaste and Fondant classes because fondant are so in. All i could talk about now is cake.

I’d like to try cake pops soon. Well, when i get orders. Hopefully, this blog would bring in more customers. And give me a chance to make your cake for your special day. I am not asking much but give me a chance to do it.

Have fun reading and I’ll see you soon.

I welcome tips and such but please don’t give harsh comments. Thanks.




One thought on “The Adventure Begins…

  1. Hi ginny congrats for pursuing your passion or shall I say our passion in baking and cake deco.. I just had my first barbie cake doll order for a bday on feb 18.. And I am lookin forward to have a baking and cake deco session wd u soon when u get home here..

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