Day 2-Cake Lessons…

I didn’t take any formal baking lessons. I was going to but I ended up being lazy. So I watched food network and bought cake mix instead. Then I was like, cake mix is too common. Even the bakeries nowadays uses cake mix. Yuck. (the one at garneau, whimsical something.. her cupcakes are bleh. its too dry and it was a cake mix. and its 3.75 per piece. rippo!)

Then after telling myself that i should’ve just went to Baking at NAIT, i got my eggo preggo. After the baby, I was on maternity leave for a year. Bored..indeed. But that’s okay. I have a daughter to play with. Her laugh is quite addicting. Then the wedding part. My husband and i discovered a store called Bulk Barn.. If you love candies, this is the store for you. So cheap you can grab more for less. Bulk Barn was offering cake decorating classes. I gave it a thought and was watching Cake Boss so I told my hubby that i wanted to take cake decorating classes because i really wanted to do this since i started looking and reading my mom’s cake book.

I went there and paid for it. Got my kit and ready to get going. Learned how to make butter icing. Butter icing is just vegetable shortening and butter flavor. Buttercream icing is all butter but i add vegetable shortening to improve the flavor and less powder sugar so its not that sweet. Made Wilton roses with icing, regular rose, pompom flowers, shaggy mums that looked like hair that hasnt been washed since last year. Piped stars, wrote greeting, piped shell borders, zigzag lines, straight lines, etc.

Now, I do the Gumpaste and Fondant course. So fun. I will be taking the next course which is the Flowers and Design then the Advanced Gumpaste Flowers. Then the tall cakes. Then I’m ready to make beautiful cakes. Hopefully more customers.

I had a request from a friend to post a recipe. So check it out.

My beautiful cake from the wedding.

Our wedding cake

Baby blue fondant with swiss dots and silver ribbon and a brooch. First 2 layers was Lemon Chiffon. The bottom was Red Velvet.. So goooood.

Cake by The Art of Cake.

Photo by Twyla.


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