Day 5- I am an addict.

Did I mention cakes? Yes. I did. For the past few days…ok, weeks, I admit I got addicted looking at cakes. Whether its covered with fondant or icing then decorated with tons of stuff, I start drooling. Yes, my daughter caught me one time. I was drooling. She’s only 18 months but she’s pretty smart.

Im also quite addicted to Pinterest. If you have one, follow me leonaxmieke. I look at cakes, fondant, cookies, wedding cakes, etc. Then I stalk Bakerella. Well, I just follow her blog and search for those cute ideas. Its now, February and I haven’t sent out the thank you cards. So i thought of something that would be great, well atleast i can perfect my icing techniques on a cake, by making a thank you cake.

If you’re a family member and you think this is crazy, please stop reading this post. If you’re supportive family member and you think this is great and would like to lend a hand, come over. But please bring the following: camera, crazy designs, pizza cutter, angled spatula, butter icing, and decorating bags and tips.

If you were a guest and live in the city and would like to lend a hand to make 100 cakes, please come over to my small apartment and bring the following that was listed above.

This would be perfect if you live in the city, atleast you’ll be able to pick it up or we can do deliveries and our daughter can go sight-seeing.

What about the people who live outside the city and province? Would they be able to have cakes. Yes. They would. Whoever goes to the place, would have to take the cakes for everyone. LOL.

Am i getting crazy here? Yes. I would only make a cake for people for saying thank you for coming to the wedding, if i have more cake scraps. So for now, I have 3 bags, I can make 5. Those 5 would go to my vendors. I’ll work my way.

Will be posting pictures. I have to make my dad’s cake, and hope there’s more cake scraps for everyone to enjoy!



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