Day 6: PacMan Cake

Its been a while since I posted something about cakes. Got the cold and cough, made 2 cake orders this month or should i say 3. Although the third one wasn’t an order it was sort of a “Hello, I have extra cakes and was wondering if you can take it out of my hands before i lose my mind and eat the whole thing and regret about it.”

When you make cakes, you usually get 2 cakes. One for the bottom and one for the top. But the problem is, when you got 1 8 inch round and an 8 inch heart shaped. And when the customer ordered a red velvet cake on the bottom and chocolate fudge on the top so its a lot different.

But what i loved though, was making a cake for my dad. It was the coolest idea in mind since Galaga wasn’t really more of an idea. Was thinking of cupcakes and the whole Galaga thing. Then i thought of something and remembered a trick my dad taught me about playing PacMan. Then i got addicted to the game. Then failed in school. Then regret the whole thing. Haha. Regrets.

This was the cake I made for him.

The start of making the Dark Chocolate Cake I saw at It all starts with creaming the butter with sugar until light and fluffy.

“Until light and fluffy”

I had these problems before. To get the light and fluffy effect, I usually start creaming the butter first to make it light then cream with sugar to get the fluffy side.

This picture is not the actual first step. Its the second step. The first step was to boil water and pour the hot water in a bowl with the cocoa. Mix it well and put aside. That’s the dark chocolate in this cake.

This picture is just the butter and sugar being creamed, then the eggs that you add one at a time, then the vanilla.


This is the batter with the cocoa, the white part and the flour. You mix the flour then the cocoa then flour. The batter has the consistency of a brownie batter. So it kind of dries after you bake it and put it on the fridge. I need to find the perfect cake recipe. We’ll keep trying.

Greased 2 8″ cake pan with melted butter and flour. Or spray with Pam.

Then pour or scoop the batter to the pan and bake for 35 minutes.





This is the finished product for an 8 inch cake. Let it cool. Then frost with your favorite flavor of buttercream. I made this with Chocolate buttercream and it was okay. Just OK. No fillings whatsoever. Was going to make chocolate ganache but got so lazy and i have no whipping cream.







Ignore the dirty dishes in the background. Ignore. Focus on the cake.

This is the cake that is covered with chocolate butter cream. This ain’t done yet. But you can have it if you want.

When covering cake in fondant, some bakeries doesn’t mind if they do another batch of coating. I mean if you are a professional baker and a perfectionist, you can do it! Since I am making this for my dad and family, I don’t think i should go for it. They don’t care unless the cake isn’t covered in fondant.




I had to buy pre-made black fondant. Since black is the hardest color to mix in white fondant cause you get gray. I like black fondant. While kneading, i was thinking of all the cakes that can be made with black. Just think, Harry Potter needs a black background, Pac Man, DJ cakes, zebra patterns which i can’t make to wait, black and white theme cakes, halloween cakes, and so much more. Plus colored fondants are so expensive. $18.99 CAD for a tub. Plus tax.

Knead the fondant till you’re ready to roll it out. Apply generous shortening to your palms and fingers. Why? Cause it gets sticky. Oh and if you’re that kind of girl who gets her nails done every week, don’t use this kind of fondant. or don’t work with fondant at all as it gets to your nails and i don’t want to hear drama. If you’re filipino though, black fondant is instant “libag”. Those black dirt that gets in to your nails. Tee hee.


Roll out the fondant to 16” diameter. Quick tip i learned from Wilton’s  was to do some mathematical stuff.

My cake height is 4 inches and an 8 inch cake. So you take the height multiply by 2 then add the size of the cake.

e.g. 4 (height of the cake) x 2 = 8 + 8 (size of the cake) = 16.

That was easy.

Ignore the dishes in the background.

Covering the cake in fondant. It was kinda hard as the icing on the cake became hard. It was okay. At least the cracks on the fondant, you can cover it or not cause no one would see it anyway.






This is the pacman cake i made for my dad!


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