Human Controller.

This is not a blog post about baking. Geez. Can’t you read the title? Its definitely not a baking adventure.

I despise men and women who can’t trust their partners. The secret to a happier marriage, even though you’re expecting is to give each others space. Man is not a man if he can’t hang out with his gang. You know what I’m saying. He has to ask permission to his wife just to be with his friends. And to us, women who don’t control our partners, its like Hillary Clinton asking for world peace and Osama introducing World War III. Do you get it?

I feel sorry for them not having fun. Having your partner do the sched of your weekend is okay, but don’t take it seriously. I don’t plan much for the weekend as I have to work Saturdays, but if my husband wants to have a boy’s night I will let him. He even asks me if he can have a boy’s night if I am having a girls night. And i say “Sure. What time will you be home?”.

What happened to the word TRUST? Does it still exist among us? Does it still exist in our dictionary? I mean, if it does, why wouldn’t people read the definition. If you love your partner so much, why don’t you let them do what they want. Your partner is not cheating with you if he/she goes to a strip house. Going to a stripper bar is where you can have a decent conversation. You don’t care about the girls who strip. Its called Entertainment. I’d even go to a stripper bar if i want to with my husband, like I’ll even ask him for loonies just to get a poster. And its fun. Yeah, I know you get disgusted but its their job. Its a lot gross if you’re getting lap dance with someone who is completely younger than you. Like 2 years younger. Eek.

Your partner is not cheating on you if he’s with his friends. He/She is not cheating on you if he comes home late. He/She is not cheating on you if he wants to visit his mother and he misses him and that scent on his shirt smells like an old woman.

Here’s to why I am not planning to attend someone’s wedding in June. Cause i don’t want them saying “I Do” when he can’t even go out with his friends. When he’s very gullible and she say everything that she has to be this person and he said yes to everything she say.

So if you have need any help on June 14, I’ll be glad to help you out!


Day 5- I am an addict.

Did I mention cakes? Yes. I did. For the past few days…ok, weeks, I admit I got addicted looking at cakes. Whether its covered with fondant or icing then decorated with tons of stuff, I start drooling. Yes, my daughter caught me one time. I was drooling. She’s only 18 months but she’s pretty smart.

Im also quite addicted to Pinterest. If you have one, follow me leonaxmieke. I look at cakes, fondant, cookies, wedding cakes, etc. Then I stalk Bakerella. Well, I just follow her blog and search for those cute ideas. Its now, February and I haven’t sent out the thank you cards. So i thought of something that would be great, well atleast i can perfect my icing techniques on a cake, by making a thank you cake.

If you’re a family member and you think this is crazy, please stop reading this post. If you’re supportive family member and you think this is great and would like to lend a hand, come over. But please bring the following: camera, crazy designs, pizza cutter, angled spatula, butter icing, and decorating bags and tips.

If you were a guest and live in the city and would like to lend a hand to make 100 cakes, please come over to my small apartment and bring the following that was listed above.

This would be perfect if you live in the city, atleast you’ll be able to pick it up or we can do deliveries and our daughter can go sight-seeing.

What about the people who live outside the city and province? Would they be able to have cakes. Yes. They would. Whoever goes to the place, would have to take the cakes for everyone. LOL.

Am i getting crazy here? Yes. I would only make a cake for people for saying thank you for coming to the wedding, if i have more cake scraps. So for now, I have 3 bags, I can make 5. Those 5 would go to my vendors. I’ll work my way.

Will be posting pictures. I have to make my dad’s cake, and hope there’s more cake scraps for everyone to enjoy!


The Adventure Begins…

Hello there!

How are you? I am tired. Well, I made this blog because I want to share my adventures/experiences when it comes to baking. I take pictures of what i bake and post it on facebook but nobody cares. They would rather like it or i get criticisms which i really don’t like. I liked baking ever since I started reading. When I was 7, I always flip the pages of my mom’s baking/icing book. How to make doll cake, basket cake or any type of cake, and i daydream about it.

I always wanted to become a pastry chef and own a bakery one day. But, coming from a traditional family that didn’t happen. I had to take either a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate. So, I wasted my money for a Medical Administrative Assistant, finished in 2009, didn’t get any job so here I am posting a blog about baking. If only they listened, i could’ve had my own bakery by now and making cakes for a living and actually enjoying it.

Now, I am taking Wilton’s classes and I LOVED it. I get to meet other people who likes to bake as well and actually have an adult conversation. I struggle making a carnation and a rose cause my bases kept breaking. So fragile. I really didn’t like calla lily but now I love it cause its so easy to make. Yes, I take the Gumpaste and Fondant classes because fondant are so in. All i could talk about now is cake.

I’d like to try cake pops soon. Well, when i get orders. Hopefully, this blog would bring in more customers. And give me a chance to make your cake for your special day. I am not asking much but give me a chance to do it.

Have fun reading and I’ll see you soon.

I welcome tips and such but please don’t give harsh comments. Thanks.